House Extensions in Redditch

Redditch England has close to an 800-year history with many lovely homes from all decades. Once the center of needle making and fish hooks it has since moved on to a model of town planning for towns well established. Part of the plan became creating house extensions in Redditch.

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Redditch remains a grand community to live and work in. The homes have much character and some with extensive history. If a person likes their home but their life changed a bit such as a new child or an empty nest why move when a house extension in Redditch can offer a solution. Most people do not necessarily want a whole new house, but would like an extension or two to better fit their needs. Sometimes it becomes a bit more about updating the place than doing a total change of lifestyle.

Benefits of House Extensions

See it as an opportunity to improve the outside design and then the layout of the house. Good design can let more light in a dark interior, increase curb appeal or add interest to the architecture. Be aware house extensions in Redditch are not simple projects. It takes extensive knowledge to add a room to an existing home. Find an experienced local builder familiar with the constructions of area homes.

Types of House Extensions

Many people in Redditch choose a loft conversion. A bit of attic space can become a much more inhabitable area rather than a storage area. Lofts can become a bedroom, home office or maybe a play room for adults or children. Loft conversions boost a houses value so the cost can become recovered. Garage Conversions remain a popular choice as well. As the family grows rather than move away from family or friends well known or good schools, a garage can become converted to a bedroom or more living space. Most likely a homeowner will not need planning permission on the two above projects to get the work started.

Actual house renovations demand planning permission and highly experienced construction professionals. Extensions can become a sun porch, new kitchen or extended living area depending on what an owner dreams up and what the town permits. If the home feels dated then a house refurbishment involving a house extension becomes a possibility. The goal here becomes updating home systems, furnishings, and spacing to give a more modern look.


Whatever the goals talk with a builder about house extensions in Redditch. Entirely doable but it takes much planning. Call today and begin the process.